About Private Client Management


The private client management service allows clients to benefit from a personalised portfolio management service which can be customised in terms of nominee or externally managed accounts, risk and currency. Integra Private Wealth also offers ad-hoc investment portfolio services whereby clients can choose very specific investment portfolio strategies to be implemented by our team of portfolio managers. The direct mandate service can be offered within a nominee in-house account or via an external asset management agreement. The service can be provided as an Advisory Service, through a Discretionary Portfolio Mandate or through an Reception and Transmission of Orders. The client recruitment process for any service follows the same procedure whereby various client meetings are held at the outset to understand the client needs and to complete a thorough client due diligence process (please refer to the Terms of Business document // [PDF] for further details). Once the client is accepted for on-boarding the full range of Integra’s services become available.
The Advisory Service allows the client to retain the right to choose whether to execute a recommendation issued by Integra. Reviews of portfolios are done periodically (at least once a quarter) with recommendations issued in writing. On client acceptance of such recommendations Integra would assist with the execution of these orders. The Discretionary Portfolio Mandate provides a full managed account facility where clients can focus on specific risk parameters in line with their individual requirements with Integra taking responsibility for the execution of this mandate. The overall management of the portfolios follows a similar pattern as with Advisory Portfolios, the difference being that Integra will execute orders on behalf of the client without the need by the client to review and accept the recommendations issued by the management team. This reduces the administration requirements on the client while improving the efficiency of the execution process. For clients who have a good investment background and who wish to execute specific investment orders Integra Private Wealth offers an Reception and Transmission of Orders service on selected collective investment schemes and listed securities. 

In terms of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (“MIFID II”) and the MFSA Conduct of Business Rulebook, investment firms are required to summarise and make public, on an annual basis, the top five execution venues used in relation to the volume of trades placed across a range of financial instruments. This report (TOP 5 VENUES) provides the information required above in respect of trades executed in the calendar year of 2020.


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