Portfolio Managers & Investment Advisors

  • Kyle Pace

    Manager - Asset Management Coordinator

    Kyle Pace

    Kyle Pace is a Portfolio Manager & Asset Management Coordinator at Integra Private Wealth, where he plays a vital role in overseeing investment strategies and operations. Additionally, Kyle is an integral member of the Asset Management Investment Committee (AMIC), contributing his expertise to decision-making processes.

    With a diverse background in the financial services industry, Kyle brings extensive experience in trading and execution, as well as proficiency in compliance and payments.

    Kyle holds an esteemed Investment Management Certificate from the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments, demonstrating his commitment to professional excellence. Currently, he is actively pursuing the prestigious Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM) qualification, further solidifying his expertise in wealth management.

    Prior to his career in finance, Kyle pursued academic excellence, earning a Bachelor of Science in Audio Engineering from SAE Oxford and a Master of Science in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh. This unique academic background underscores Kyle's multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving and his ability to blend creativity with analytical rigour.

    Fluent in both Maltese and English, Kyle possesses strong communication skills that enable him to engage effectively with diverse stakeholders.


  • Fabio Beninato

    Junior Portfolio Manager

    Fabio Beninato

    Fabio Beninato is a dedicated and results-driven Junior Portfolio Manager at Integra Private Wealth Limited, forming part of the Asset Management Investment Committee (AMIC). With a background in Business Economics from Catania and an honours year in Banking and Finance from the University of Malta, Fabio holds a Master's degree in Banking and Finance from UOM with distinction. He is a Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA), demonstrating expertise in financial markets and the broader financial industry.

    Fluent in both Italian and English, Fabio's proactive approach, ability to work under pressure, and strong teamwork skills make him an invaluable asset to our team.


  • André Micallef

    Investment Advisor and
    Business Development Manager

    André Micallef

    André Micallef serves as the Investment Advisor & Business Development Manager at Integra Private Wealth, bringing a wealth of experience spanning over 18 years in the financial services and life insurance sectors. In 2007, André co-founded an investment service firm, marking a strategic move after his tenure as Senior Private Clients Manager, Branch Manager, and Financial Planning Manager at GlobalCapital Financial Management Ltd in Malta.

    André's academic credentials include a distinguished BSc (President’s List) from Southern New Hampshire University, underscoring his commitment to excellence. He also holds a Certificate for Financial Advice (CeFA) from the IFS School of Finance in the UK, a testament to his continuous pursuit of professional development.

    Fluent in English, Maltese, and Italian, André leverages his multilingual proficiency to connect with clients on a global scale. Beyond his financial acumen, André possesses excellent IT skills, particularly in the realms of marketing and web design. This tech-savvy approach enhances his ability to adapt innovative solutions, contributing to the success of Integra Private Wealth. As a seasoned Financial Advisor and astute Business Development Manager, André's results-oriented approach has been instrumental in cost management and the establishment of mutually beneficial partnerships throughout his successful career at Integra Private Wealth.


  • Giampaolo Colloridi

    Portfolio Manager

    Giampaolo Colloridi

    Giampaolo operates as a portfolio manager to several Collective Investment Schemes within the Third-Party Asset Management division of the company. Giampaolo graduated in Economics with an award-winning thesis in Technical Securities Market. Giampaolo worked in banking and insurance (BNL, Benetton Group, Allianz, Banca Intesa), both as head of portfolio management as well as head of research departments. He also conducted training seminars for specialists in the banking sector. Over the last few years, he has been working as a freelance consultant to both institutional and private investors in the UK (B&C Derivatives, MAN Financial) and Italy, where he contributed to the publishing of a daily newspaper article relating to finance. He also collaborated with several Italian newspapers. Giampaolo specialises in asset allocation efficiency techniques as well as individual stock picking.


  • Denis Fougerol

    Portfolio Manager

    Denis Fougerol

    Denis has been working in the wealth and asset management industry for almost 40 years. He worked at Banque pour le Commerce International SA (which later became BNP-Paribas) as an Associate Director responsible for the back-office for loans and credits. After that, Denis moved on the Banca March SA where he was responsible for bond issues and syndicated loans. Denis moved on to Societe Financiere Privee SA, a wealth mangement company specialised in bond markets and private banking. He has been a member of the Association Romande des Intermédiaires Financiers since 1998. Denis forms part of the Integra Private Wealth asset management investment committee overseeing the asset management team and providing recommendations on general asset allocation and portfolio positioning.


  • Fabrizio Mancini

    Portfolio Manager

    Fabrizio Mancini

    Fabrizio graduated from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy in 2000 with a degree in Financial Markets and institutions. He has worked as a business consultant both independetly as well as through companies in Italy and Portugal. Fabrizio has worked with Arner Bank and with Sagres Advisory as an investment and fund analyst, with experience primarily in alternative investments. At Arner Bank, Fabrizio operated as a Wealth Manager and was later appointed head of Alternative Investments. Fabrizio forms part of the Integra Private Wealth asset management team and specialises in macroeconomic analysis and international strategy.


  • Yvan Martignoni

    Portfolio Manager

    Yvan Martignoni

    Yvan has been working in the finance industry for almost 20 years. He worked at UBS for 10 years, focusing on wealth and asset management and financial planning. Yvan was appointed an Associate Director at UBS in 2002, acting as client advisor in wealth management and financial planning. Yvan went on to join Atena Fidampa Finance SA in Geneva as a Director and independent asset manager. He is also a member of the Organisme d’Auto Regulation and partner of MY Asset Management SARL. Yvan forms part of the Integra Private Wealth asset management team and specialises in fixed income trading.


  • Federico Giro

    Portfolio Manager

    Federico Giro

    Federico forms part of the Integra portfolio management team and in manages the ad-hoc portfolio service. Based in Montevideo, Federico specialises in Emerging Market investments. Federico is a Public Accountant who holds a Bachelor's degree in Economic Sciences and Administration from the Universidad de la República Uruguay and an MBA from the IEEM of the University of Montevideo. He has 30 years of experience working with clients in financial advice and planning, investment strategy and management. Federico speaks Spanish and English.


  • Martin Carrasco

    Portfolio Manager

    Martin Carrasco

    Martin forms part of the Integra portfolio management team and in manages the ad-hoc portfolio service. Based in Montevideo, Martin specialises in Emerging Market investments. Martín is an economist who holds a Bachelor's degree in Economic Sciences and Administration from the Universidad de la República Uruguay and has an MBA from the IEEM of the University of Montevideo. He has 15 years of experience in the international financial market, analyzing and advising investment strategies and portfolios. He previously worked, among others, at the Royal Skandia firm in the Isle of Man, UK. Martin speaks Spanish and English.


  • Angelo Prataviera

    Asset Manager

    Mr. Angelo Prataviera currently acts as an investment and asset manager and cryptocurrency specialist. Angelo has a number of years of experience in asset management and specifically in cryptocurrency management and trading, with a number of years studying and working in the cryptocurrency space.


  • Giulio Prevosti

    Portfolio Manager

    Giulio Prevosti

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