MFSA Launches Notified Professional Investor Fund
· (NPIF) Framework ·
A New Era in Streamlined Fund Establishment


The eagerly awaited Notified Professional Investor Fund (NPIF) was officially introduced by The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) on December 18, 2023. This innovative framework caters specifically to De Minimis AIFMs and third-country AIFMs seeking alternative fund structures within the European Union. Unlike traditional licensing processes, the NPIF adopts a streamlined notification process, ensuring completion within a swift 10 business days following the submission of a comprehensive pack to the MFSA. This efficiency not only makes it more cost-effective for Managers and Fund Promoters to establish but also addresses past challenges related to time-to-market pressures.

The NPIF holds particular appeal for Managers based in the UK, Switzerland, Cayman, and other jurisdictions, providing the same flexibility as offshore funds while retaining the advantage of an EU-domiciled fund. This feature simplifies the offering of funds to EU Institutional investors who typically prefer investments in EU Investment Vehicles. Moreover, the NPIF accommodates a Master/Feeder structure, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with an offshore Master fund, further enhancing its versatility and attractiveness to a diverse range of fund promoters.

iFund Solutions Ltd, a member of the Integra Group, aligns with the group's legacy of providing investment solutions since 2009. Leveraging our extensive experience and demonstrated expertise within the investment services sector, we are well-positioned to guide interested stakeholders in establishing the NPIF.

The Integra Group, uniquely positioned, offers a 360-degree solution for those seeking to establish an NPIF. This includes providing both the de minimis management service and the fund administration and due diligence service required under the Rules to establish such structures. Our commitment extends to offering comprehensive services and proficiency to facilitate a seamless and efficient setup process, ensuring that our clients navigate the process with confidence and ease. This integrated approach ensures a quick and efficient service, eliminating the need to engage an external due diligence provider at additional costs. 

Successful Event Explores Innovative Solutions
in Demanding Markets · Nov '23

Integra Private Wealth and Burlingtons Group extend heartfelt gratitude to the 50+ brilliant minds who enriched the "Creating Solutions in Demanding Market Environments" event on November 7, 2023, hosted at the Westin Dragonara Resort. The event garnered resounding success, thanks to the active participation and engagement of our esteemed guests. Their insightful contributions, dynamic discussions, and profound insights created an invaluable experience for all attendees. A special acknowledgement to each participant for fostering a vibrant atmosphere and making the occasion truly exceptional. Your presence contributed significantly to the event's success. Organized collaboratively by Integra Private Wealth and Burlingtons Group, the event was dedicated to exploring innovative solutions within challenging market landscapes. The enthusiastic response received reflects the collective commitment to navigating and thriving in complex market environments. We express our immense gratitude and eagerly anticipate future collaborative endeavours that further elevate industry insights and foster meaningful connections. For more information and updates on our events, stay connected with Integra Private Wealth.

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    Integra featured on Burlingtons Magazine · Summer '23


    Integra featured on Fortune · Oct '22


    Integra featured on Money Magazine · Dec '21

    Money Magazine

     Integra featured on Burlingtons Magazine · Nov '21

    Integra Private Wealth Ltd is pleased to announce a new and exciting collaboration with the Burlingtons Group, who are now official partners. In turn Integra now forms part of the Burlingtons Group. Through this investment, Burlingtons Group is expanding and strengthening its international reach as well as the range of services through an internationally recognised and robust wealth management company. To learn more about Integra and the journey of CEO Alistair Muscat please read the interview in the Burlingtons Magazine.

    Burlingtons Group

    Press Release · May '19

    On Friday 10th May, Integra Private Wealth Ltd. celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a private event for clients and business partners at Hotel Domus Zamittello in Valletta. In his opening address to the guests, Mr Alistair Muscat, CEO of Integra Private Wealth, thanked all those who in any way have contributed to the success of Integra.

    During the past 10 years, from a purely investment advisory firm, Integra moved on to portfolio management, third-party fund setup & management and listing of various structures on the wholesale markets.

    In 2014, the company took a further step in its objective to expand its international reach by acquiring the assets and operations of another regulated asset manager with a focus in Latin America. This led to a change of name from Integradvisory to Integra Private Wealth but more importantly expanded its network of banks and credit institutions that recognised the company as a trustworthy partner.

    Today, Integra holds a Financial Institution License, a Category 2 Investment Services License and is a listing agent for the wholesale market. The company continues to focus on the wealth management provision to high-net-worth clients, family offices and institutions. This service is offered through the main offices in Sliema, Malta and the support offices in Montevideo, Bologna and Lugano. Integra is today one of the largest, privately owned asset-managers in Malta in terms of assets under management. The company has developed partnerships and working relationships with global banks, the most renowned global investment houses, legal firms and service providers both local and international. Through this mature network the company today provides a truly holistic wealth management solution to a restricted group of clients – a suite of services range from simple cash management in a money market platform, to discretionary portfolio management through one of the 9 core offerings, to bespoke portfolio management services, to an offering of a truly uncorrelated alternative fund, to specialised third party fund solutions investing in precious metals, private equity, classic cars, crypto currencies as well as a whole range of traditional multi-asset investments.

    Integra Private Wealth Ltd. is licensed and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority.